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Grooved Piping

Grooved Piping

Servimeca has the largest grooved pipe production capacity in the world; it has satisfied the needs of the national oil industry for over 40 years and offers a large range of designs produced under the strictest quality controls.

Servimeca grooves its pipes with high precision and exceptional quality by using custom designed, multi-axis grooving machines that can handle production and casing pipes ranging from 20” in diameter and a length of up to 46’.


Two types of grooves are made at Servimeca:

  • Straight Groove: A parallel cut with uniform thickness throughout the pipe wall, this is the first type of cut used in pipes and the most commonly used; it is the cheapest and is more resistant than the conical groove.
  • Conical Groove: An angular cut to the pipe wall, this type of groove has a well sand auto-filtering mechanism, as well as an auto-cleaning feature.


• Easy fishing and installation.
• High resistance to collapse.
• Low cost and quick delivery time.
• Low maintenance.


• Grooved piping is the most efficient and effective way to extract heavy and extra heavy oil.
• Commonly used in wells that do not require more than 3.5% of an open channel.
• Good option for water wells.
• Fiberglass piping can be grooved for use in very corrosive environments.

Perforated Piping


  • The perforated tube eliminates the need for additional perforating tools and processes.
  • Large range of perforation sizes and designs produced under the strictest quality controls.
  • The internal and external cleaning process to which the tube is subjected after perforation guarantees the absence of metallic residue that may damage a seal.


• May be used as wash pipes.
• Excellent for pumping chemicals during well stimulation processes.
• Ideal in consolidated sand, dolomite and carbonate formations.

Sale and marketing of casing, tubing and line pipes.

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