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Prepacked Thermal

Prepacked Thermal

  • The gravel in the prepack is synthetic and uniformly distributed on the screens through a vibratory process, which eliminates further seal curing processes and allows for greater permeability and wear resistance.
  • The surrounding wire is triangular and welded to every trapezoidal support wire, thereby resulting in a rounder and more solid structure.
  • Precise and uniform grooves which allow for a permanent control of the open channel.
  • Great variety of wire forms, sizes and metallurgies allow for customization to the conditions of your reservoir.


• Alternative to traditional gravel packs that is very useful for sand control in vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells, thus eliminating the need for specialized equipment and saving time and money during installation.

• Commonly used in wells that do not require more than 3.5% of an open channel.

• For use in thermal and steam injection wells.